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Mind Oasis Meditation Center
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Is Something Missing from Your Meditation Practice?

Meditation powered by COMMUNITY


With our qualified network of guides (30+ and counting!) and a diverse international community by your side, you’ll gain valuable support, rich resources, and comforting camaraderie that will accompany you on your lifelong meditation journey. 

What We Offer

Daily Community Meditation™

Our online Meditation Center offers live 30-minute sessions multiple times daily and in a range of time zones. Dial in on your work break or Zoom in from home. Keep your video on or switch it off. Chat with the group or practice in silence. Go with the flow. Your presence is always enough. Come as you are. 

Sample Daily Offerings:

  • Monday: Grand Rising Meditation
  • Tuesday: Meditate and Create
  • Wednesday: Self-Compassion as Your Compass
  • Thursday: Silent Sunset meditation
  • Friday: Silent Sunrise Meditation


Support for Recentering Your Practice

Weekly: Reinvigorate your practice 1 week every month by joining a 5-Day Restoration. 

Yearly: Once a year, you can join our FREE Annual Meditation Challenge in April. You’ll have unlimited access to our signature program, Community Meditation™.


At Mind Oasis, community is our "special sauce." Our members are welcoming, kind-hearted, and fun. We've seen friendships develop between people who otherwise would have never met. Become a "regular" on Community Meditation™ and see for yourself!

Workshops, Retreats, and More!

From our Meditation Immersions to our online and in-person retreats, keeping your practice alive has never been more fun or fulfilling. You’ll also have access to a digital library of helpful blogs, insightful podcasts, and endless inspiration for your practice.